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Intentional Small Farm Finances

Visualize your farm’s financial potential and create a plan to make it happen.

Profit and Cashflow Modeling

Capture planned expenses, labor costs and expected sales to see your farm’s financial potential. Data entry is quick and to the point with the option to fine-tune your numbers at any time.

No-Spreadsheet Crop Planner

Use the drag-and-drop planner to get hands-on and watch how what, when and how much you plant effects the bottom line.

Crop & Operations Database

Get a quick start with our regional defaults, then customize your database to match exactly how you do things. Estimate workload and labor hours, sales by channel and profit per crop.

Explore Business Questions

Compare business options and see different scenarios through the Interesting Questions feature.


FarmBee Free

- Protential Revenue
- Estimated Cash Flow
- Projected Workload
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FarmBee Pro

- Profit per Crop
- Advanced Insights
- Compare Models
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About Us

We’re a small team in Cincinnati, Ohio with a background in technology startups and a passion for small-scale farming. Through years of talking with small farmers, the same obstacles and frustrations kept coming up. We’re creating a suite of technology products to pull out key business insights across farm finances, operations and marketing.

We believe that the goal is to do more with less and time is valuable, so only manage what impacts the bottom line.


FarmBee is for small-scale, diversified or market farms focused on vegetable production.

- We’re passionate about the food system, environment and the sustainability of small farms.
- We are driven to create technology that is simple, manageable and impactful.
- We want to maximalize the “knowns” so energy can be focused on the many “unknowns”.
- We want small farmers to make the money they need for their businesses to thrive.


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